Electron Consortium JSC was established in 1991 according to an instruction of the Council of Ministers for the transformation of the state-owned business group Electron.

The state-owned business group Electron was established in the end of 1975 with the purpose of developing and extending the production of military and specialized electronics. Until 1989 Electron united 26 factories and a research and development institute with a total of 27000 employees - workers and engineers. In 1991 the divisions of the business group, which were registered as separate trade companies, united and established Electron Consortium JSC.

Right now the shareholders of Electron Consortium JSC are Bulgarian companies that work in the field of electronics, communication and information technologies, radar equipment and control systems.

The purpose of Electron Consortium JSC is to develop its own projects, as well as to functionally integrate the possibilities of its shareholders when executing different projects.





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