Project: Modernization of anti-hailstorm equipment PGK-6M


The project for modernization of the PGK-6M anti-hailstorm equipment is one of the biggest challenges for the Electron team. The project started in the beginning of 2005 and consists of a total modernization of the communication system, adding a system for electronic reading of the position of the rocket launchers and building a remote control unit with a radio modem that exchanges operative information with the control bases. A special software was developed and after the analysis of the meteorological information in the control base it is used to assign and send coordinates for firing to selected launcher sites. In the operation process we are removing all remarks, which are mainly connected to the severe conditions, in which the system operates.

In addition we developed a new model rocket launcher with motorized movement, remote control and possibility for automated positioning on a remotely assigned position.

Right now we are doing a modernization of the meteorological radar of the system.





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